Travel Tips

Gozo offers a tranquil beauty and a peaceful serenity that is hard to match anywhere else in the world. With a small population, laid back lifestyle and very low crime rate, Gozo is a very safe place to be.

Nonetheless, common sense should always prevail, one must ensure full care of their health, safety and belongings. Always exercise common sense so that you will not be disappointed with your stay.


Driving in Malta & Gozo

In Malta and Gozo we drive on the left-hand side of the road as in the United Kingdom and other few countries. Do overtake from the right side.

• At roundabouts give way to traffic approaching from the right.

• The minimum Malta driving age is eighteen.

• In built-up areas the speed limit is of 50 Km/h or 31 mph.

• Elsewhere the speed limit is of 80 Km/h or 49 mph.

• It is illegal to use a hand held or a hands free mobile phone devices whilst driving. A hefty fine is imposed to those caught breaking the law.

Parking in Gozo

In Gozo there are a few different types of parking bays, some of which if parked in can lead to fines or your vehicle being towed. Please find more information on the types of bays below: 

• Yellow Bay- A yellow bay is for residence and is controlled by a permit.

• White Bay with type A Sign- This is a timed zone. Anyone can park here but generally with a limit between certain hours. When parking in this zone, adjust the clock next to the licence on the windshield to your arrival time. Check the sign for more information. 

• White Bay with no sign- Park with no limits. Anyone can park here.